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Why aren't your products made in the United States?

This is something we have given a lot of consideration to at Pakt. When sourcing materials for our products, we found that most of the materials we use, can only be sourced in Asia.  So for that reason, rather than shipping unfinished materials, it's

How did Pakt start?

Our journey began in 2017 for a simple reason: to resurrect a cult favorite travel bag. Industrial designer Malcolm Fontier’s Getaway bag had been out of production for several years when it was featured in the 2016 documentary, Minimalism, as the b

What sustainability approaches do you consider when producing your products?

We believe that the only truly sustainable product development is none at all. But since that option isn’t compatible with the lives we lead, and the world we live in, we’re going with the next best thing- producing products as responsibly as possibl

Will you be creating other products?

Pakt will work to create additional unique and refined, responsibly-sourced travel accessories. In line with our beliefs on intentional consumption, we will expand our product line with “intentional production.” We would rather have a small line of g