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My package was shipped but I would like to make a change

If your package was shipped via UPS SurePost, where it is handed off from UPS to the USPS for final delivery we recommend the following. 

Once the package is on its way, we are not able to make any changes.  However, if the package is still in the UPS network you may have the ability to upgrade shipping to UPS Ground (usually for an extra fee) by logging in to UPS My Choice, which is a free service to manage all incoming UPS shipments. The same holds true for USPS where you may log in to Informed Delivery, to manage your incoming shipments. Any change requests via My Choice or Informed Delivery, must come from the recipient of the package and need to be associated with the delivery address.  


For UPS Ground shipments, you may also try logging into UPS My Choice to see if there are any options to make a change.  For all other shipping services, we recommend you reach out to them directly to see if changes are possible. 

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