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Why aren't your products made in the United States?

This is something we have given a lot of consideration to at Pakt. When sourcing materials for our products, we found that most of the materials we use, can only be sourced in Asia.  So for that reason, rather than shipping unfinished materials, it's more economical and environmentally friendly to use a manufacturer who is also located in Asia.  We have a great relationship with our manufacturing partner in Vietnam and they uphold the same ethics in production as we do here at Pakt, as well as treat, and pay their staff fairly. Due to different manufacturing laws, if we were to produce the Pakt One or Backpack here, the retail cost would more than double. 

We also utilize the smallest packaging possible so that we can fit as many units possible, into the smallest freight container in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint that way.  The same holds true with the final shipping to our customers.  Finally, we found that ocean freight-has a much smaller carbon footprint than air, so that is the method we use when shipping goods from our manufacturer to our shipping partner here in the U.S.  

You can read more about our plans to join Climate Neutral here, which is another effort to reduce our carbon footprint. 

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