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What fits in the Anywhere Sling?

How will I know if MyUs will allow me to save on shipping?

A parcel forwarding service often offers more competitive prices than we are able to offer due to the volume of packages they handle.  To get a sense of what their rates might be you can check out their shipping calculator here.  You can use the foll

Why is international shipping so expensive?

Shipping internationally can get quite expensive and we did our best to find the most competitive rates that were available to us. We have spent hours reviewing different rates, and are also bummed to see how expensive they were. We pride ourselves o

What are the weight and dimensions of each piece?

Sling: 10 oz/0.6 lbs 7" (L) x 3.5" (W) x 11" (H) Gear Hauler: 63 oz/4 lbs 25"(L)x12"(W)x10"(H) folded down  25"(L)x12"(W)x20"(H) folded up/extended 50L: 55 oz/3.4 lbs 22"(L)x10"(W)x12.5"(H) 25L: 30 oz/1.8 lbs 17"(L)x8"(W)x10"(H)

Will I be able to purchase the Anywhere Collection on your website?

Right now our focus is on pre-orders from Indiegogo.  Once we fulfill those orders, we plan to launch the collection on our website at full retail price.

How much do the bags cost?

Right now the Anywhere Collection is only available for pre-order on Indiegogo.  With our campaign, as with most others, the best pricing is available early in the campaign and then climbs closer to the retail price as the campaign progresses. This m

What color options are available?

Right now we plan to produce all pieces of the collection in green and black.  The Sling, 25L, and 50L will also be offered in adobe.

What kind of materials and hardware are used on the collection?

All bags in the collection are made with: 900D durable, water-resistant rPET. Durable Duraflex hardware YKK on all exterior zippers The Hauler has waterproof zippers

What color are the interiors of the bags?

All the bags have the same grey interior color.

Do any of the bags have a luggage slip?

The 25L Duffel has a luggage slip

How do I clean the bags?

You can wipe or spot clean the bags. It is not advised to machine wash the bags, but if you really need to machine wash it every so often, you can do so with cold water on a gentle cycle and hang dry.

Are the bags waterproof?

All the bags are water resistant with a combination of DWR and TPU coating.

Which bags are carry on friendly?

We have successfully taken the 50L, 25L, and sling as carry on's before, but the 25L and Sling are the most comfortably made in a carry-on size. Depending on much you pack in the 50L, you may be able to sneak it in as a carry-on.

What material is used on the bottom of the 25L?

The base of the bag uses a 900D coated PU material, which is ultra water resistant.